About Us FAQ

If you would like to know more about Australian Online Tour Bookings you can read more about us here. Alternatively we have answered the most commonly asked questions below.

  • Are you a registered Travel Agent?

    There is no longer an official registration of Travel Agents. We were previously registered when this was a requirement. Our Travel Agent number was 3285001.

  • How long have you been in business?

    The business has been operating as Queensland Bookings since 2007. In 2015 we changed our name to Australian Online Tour Bookings to reflect our move to national focus.

  • Who is Australian Online Tour Bookings?

    Australian Online Tour Bookings (AOTB) is an Australian owned and operated Online Travel Agency (OTA). Previously known as Queensland Bookings. We have been operating since 2007.

    We are a family business with our head-office based in Newcastle, NSW and local representatives in key areas around the country.

  • How do your prices compare to booking directly?

    Our prices are equal to the operators. When bundled in packages they are often less.

  • Are you a supplier?

    We are an agent for tour operators and more. Our role is to equally represent the operators and provide the best information and options to customers. We feature all the operators in order that customers can find and compare the best tour option for their circumstances.