Cancellations & Refund Policy

Flexible cancellation policy

For your peace of mind when making a booking we will pass on a full refund for the cancellation of your booking due to COVID-related travel restrictions, border closers, or lockdowns, regardless of standard terms and conditions. Should such a scenario arise please notify us as soon as possible via email (in such scenarios email is best due to the volume received) stating your booking number and reason.


We do not charge cancellation fees, however, we will pass on any fees that the relevant operator may charge if you cancel your book earlier than expected, for whatever reason.

Queensland Bookings is not reasponsible for the cancellation of a tour/product by an operator. We cannot be held liable for any loss as the result of a cancellation, such as travel costs, accommodation bookings etc.


Refunds must be issued to the card initially charged.

Please notify us via email as soon as possible if your tour has been cancelled and you are due a refund. When doing so please quote the booking reference and cancellation reason.

We are not reasponsible for refunds where payment was made direct to the operator.

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